Fine Art by Terri Horricks

"Whatever you feed your mind, fuels your spirit."

As a fine artist, my choice of medium and subject matter changes with where I am in my life emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Now, after forty years of experimenting, learning and growing it's time to begin again.

The journey presented here, begins in a focused and determined fashion with a series of paintings that depict various and unique aspects of this great Canadian landscape that I've been so fortunate to have always called home.

Each new piece will be shown in the order that it was created, so you can participate in the journey as it unfolds. You will see places from east to west and north to south. The real work will be in bringing to you the power of those places; that special energy that makes every nook and cranny beautiful and precious — like part of a family.

As with any work of art, it is only complete once it has an audience. Thank you for completing this work. Your comments, suggestions or questions will always be welcome and I hope you'll visit often to share in this journey as it unfolds.