Fine Art by Terri Horricks

Terri Horricks

Terri and the other six members of her family were introduced to this grand country through The Canadian Air Force. Regularly moving from province to province, made friendships important and family precious.

The land held the boundaries for this inquisitive and sensitive personality. Camping in provincial parks and exploring new cities and towns was always part of the journey, as were pencils and notebooks when confined to long hours on the road.

Once settled in the Quinte Region of Southeastern Ontario, at the age of eleven, Terri's art was already an established and important part of her life. Much of Terri's art education has stemmed from experimenting, studying and asking plenty of questions.

After forty years of getting to know many mediums, using various materials and subject matter, Terri has chosen to turn her attention back to the Canadian landscape from which she was raised. In some ways it's a journey home and it is being documented here through her paintings.